Aibim – Who We Are

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A.I.BI.M. is a onlus association with the objective of promoting the ethical values in the bio building field, push for the rational use of renewable sources of energy and sustain the safeguard of the environment.

The “poetry of concreteness” of the market and the protection of the true bio ecological products, quality certified, will be the instrument for showing the real philosophy of the bio building filed. We sustain the necessity of a highly qualified information in the bio building field, to protect the companies that correctly apply it and the consumer”.

A.I.BI.M. is testimonial of sustainable development trough a constant research, evaluating the use of proper technologies and healthy, natural and renewable materials. Energy saving and the use of alternatives sources of energy are also an important part of the effort.

Producers, retailers and operators in the bio building market have gathered in order to create a international qualified group. The synergy that we have wants to develop and maintain a global network of institutional, political and economic entities aimed at launching, promoting and supporting the field of bio construction. For this purpose we support the need of visibility for the market, through a correct information, knowledge, and the comparison of different technologies.

The factual information, disclosure of correct technical information and quality analyzing, will allow the use materials and technologies that are environmentally compatible.

A.I.BI.M. is a member of the technical table of the Ecological House, promoted from the Ministry of the environment, where the technical and scientific experts discuss on the norms for a sustainable building development.